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Nature of Meditation

Neem Karoli Maharaj-ji said" Meditate like Jesus." or Meditate on the word "Ram."

Meditation often is considered as a process of mechanically focusing on an object or idea and this seems to be incorrect way as it is technical, rigid and monotonous. Instead if our object of meditation can be a divine truth or form, it would lead to relatively higher value and in order to succeed in meditation, we must not only meditate on the higher truth but also understand and appreciate it. Therefore, when Maharaj-ji said "Meditate like Jesus" it meant that our thoughts and actions is directed towards one single goal and practicing it throughout our life. In Jesus's case, it was helping people to connect with the supreme godhead with love and affection and dedicating their actions as an offering to the supreme. That is also meditation.


Therefore object of meditation needs to be carefully selected and must be spiritually important as it gives purpose and direction. Outcome of meditation brings enthusiasm, adventure, peace and exhilaration as well as long-lasting sense of awareness and purpose.


Jai Neem Karoli Ji

As you sow so you reap

Our thoughts lead to actions and action bring results and every result gets converted into individual experience (result +emotions/reactions).  Journey of thoughts to experience creates memory, to be recalled again as an when a trigger is encountered. There is no escape to this phenomenon. 


Therefore in the context of the saying "As you sow so you reap" the correlation is that the thought of intention to sow a seed, sowing a seed and helping the plant to grow until it bear useful fruits is the journey.  Destination is expected result.  Outcomes depends on the action taken during the course,  either turns out to be useful fruit or plant dies in the process.  It depends on our actions and awareness during the journey.


If we failed, we learn from it.  Next time to go through the same journey, we have the option to change the thought process and course of actions especially in case of failure to deliver a useful fruit (desire or expectations) or come up with a better quality of fruit. 


Any change in our thoughts, actions, and learn from experience as well as recall from memory would lead to a different outcome or vice-versa.  Therefore,  we can strive to be aware in the spiritual path to refrain from inauspicious deeds and adopt a path of self-control, creativity, empathy and austerity.  This will helps to connect with our real nature and also control our outcomes. 

Jai Neem Karoli Ji

Science to find God

All of us wish to see god or have proof and science is constantly attempting to uncover the truth.  Is there a divine law, other than scientific laws?  All kinds of instruments are used based on the approach (science and spiritualism), example mathematics, instruments,  technique of meditation (attention) etc.   In science, a theory, or hypothesis is constructed and then careful observations are made.  Similarly,  science of meditation, tapasya or attention helps to get connected with the level of intuition and inspires us to understand or discover the scientific truths.   Science also starts with inspiration which is not in the realm of science but under the laws of spirit.  Prominent scientists have always revealed that their universal source of inspiration has been the cause of great inventions.  It seems like science and spiritualism are partners.  Example, when a scientist is stuck on a problem, he goes into silence, gets inspired and it leads to answers he was seeking.  Same way, a spiritual seeker need to have a hypothesis in the lab of his own body, mind and soul and will find the results.  

Just as a scientist stays focused looking at his microscope or telescope, as spiritual beings we need to stay focused in examining and understanding our own self or object of meditation.  

Jai Neem Karoli Ji

Our Mental Thoughts

All actions arise in mind first.  Without the presence of mind there cannot be any action. Without mind's collaboration our senses do not work. For an example, if you are studying while waiting at a bus stop and you are studying with complete concentration, then when a bus passes by you will not notice because mind was active in studying and so ears were shut.  Shut means the sound did come to your ears but mind did not accept it, in fact, it ignored.  Which means, information received by your senses is not enough to result in an action.  Therefore, all actions which originates from receiving information from senses need to get inspiration or motivation from mind to culminate into a thought, action and result.  Whether the thought is good or bad, both starts first in the mind and then converts into action.  As mind is always in a state of duality, therefore mind does not decide immediately.  To do or not to do is the nature of mind.  Sometimes it says, "do not do it."  it can be your inner voice or voice of god-antaratma (inner consciousness). 

Ideally thoughts which gives a sense of guilt, shame, fear etc,, should be ignored and thoughts which gives sense of  courage, happiness, peace, fulfillment should be attended to. 


When inner voices says, we must "not do it", our mind listens, but does something else or does the opposite.   It is because of our weakness and this weakness is due to influence of the external world and its complexities and so-called attraction and constant attachment.   Usually without physical action, no result is visible,  but if we act from mind, result will be at mind level.  It is similar to psychotic or lunatic who is getting pain at mind level due to his constant thoughts and actions at the level of mind.  His mind is not healthy.  At mind level you may not get all the results which you observe at the physical level, but you would definitely get some result.  If you have same thought during the whole day, example work,  anger etc these thoughts would influence your physical body, even if you do not do anything physical related to these thoughts?  yes or no ? and the vibrations from our body, influence others as well and so the entire environment.  Now, who  who will pay for these effects? We will, no-one else.  


Jai Neem Karoli Ji

Chanting the name: Ram

Chanting the name makes us meet the lord!.  Neem Karoli Baba in very simple way use t guide everyone that chanting Ram whenever possible is easy to be one with the lord.  Keep saying "Ram, Ram" even if you don't feel like it, even if you are lazy, while sleeping, waking up, taking taking bath, chant and remember the name of Ram as many times as possible or all the time! This gives rise to daily practice (less or more does not mater), the consistency of practice is the essence.  Gradually the "Bhav" or intention of Ram will appear in our verbal repetitions of Ram and that will be the union with lord, Lord Ram.  You are Ram and Ram is yours in its true relationship.  Karma will pay off. Crisis will go away. There is lot of power and significance in the name of Ram which fills the biggest quanks. Take the name of Ram, a simple and profound practice. 

Jai Neem Karoli Ji



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